The Gospel as center in all of southeast Europe

About Us

We are a fellowship of evangelical Christian leaders in southeast Europe who are committed to keeping the gospel of Christ at the center of our lives and ministry. We are calling the church in southeast Europe to reaffirm, robustly and passionately, the centrality of the Gospel of Christ for the conversion and transformation of people by the power of the Holy Spirit and to the ultimate glory of God. It is our prayer that great numbers of people in our region will come to know and serve the Lord Jesus with all their hearts. The task is great and will require a powerful work of the Holy Spirit as well as the coordinated effort of evangelical Christians throughout the region.


We are drawing together a coalition of local churches, Christian leaders, and like-minded believers zealous to honor Christ and to pray for the advance of his work in the world. Such a united mission is the biblical basis of true disciple-making and local church planting. We desire to announce the gospel of Christ with clarity, compassion, courage, and joy, and to do so with fidelity to the Holy Scriptures and through expository preaching. We want to link hearts, intentionally and gladly, with biblical believers across national boundaries.

“We want to see Jesus Christ reign over the entirety of our lives, unifying our churches, and transforming our communities and cultures.”