The Gospel of Christ as center in all of Southeast Europe

About Us

The Gospel Coalition of Southeast Europe aims to make the gospel of Christ the center of our lives, churches, ministries and communities. A part of the global TGC community, it is a growing presence in southeast Europe and focuses on providing encouraging added value to churches passionately living and serving their own communities and contexts. 

This network represents a theologically-defined, outward-looking platform providing common identity, winsome resources, significant events, and rich fellowship so that the gospel of Jesus is practiced and proclaimed.


TGC Southeast Europe connects together local churches and like-minded believers throughout the region to embrace and make known God’s truth. It is guided by indigenous leaders, who focus on building strong churches, rooted in deep and faithful expository preaching, in which God receives the glory and disciples are matured, and hence who are prepared to announce the gospel of Christ with clarity, compassion, courage, and joy. In a region fragmented by conflict, TGC provides a unifying  message of peace and hope.

“TGC Southeast Europe wants to position Jesus Christ at the center of lives, unifying churches and transforming communities and cultures.”

Engaging all of southeast Europe

According to the latest data from Joshua Project, (with exception of Romania at 6.3%), all of the countries in southeast Europe have few believers who identify as evangelicals*:

Albania – 0.6%,
Bosnia & Herzegovina – 0.16%,
Bulgaria – 1.98%,
Croatia – 0.42%,
Greece – 0.50%,
Kosovo – 0.21%,
Montenegro – 0.26%,
N.Macedonia – 0.17%,
Serbia – 0.72%,
Slovenia – 0.21%,
Turkey – 0.04%.

*The Joshua Project identifies evangelicals as those followers of Christ who emphasize:

  • The Lord Jesus Christ as the sole source of salvation through faith in Him.

  • Personal faith and conversion with regeneration by the Holy Spirit.

  • A recognition of the inspired Word of God as the only basis for faith and living.

  • Commitment to Biblical preaching and evangelism that brings others to faith in Christ.